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Fellow: Ben Schöttker, PhD


Risk prediction of vascular dementia using inflammatory parameters, lipids and biomarkers of oxidative stress

Besides hereditary Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia is the second most common cause of dementia in Western countries. Similar to coronary heart disease and ischemic stroke, vascular dementia is a disease caused by arteriosclerotic changes in blood vessels.

In the early detection of cardiovascular events, a model for estimating the risk of fatal cardiovascular disease in adults already exists (“SCORE” model). The SCORE risk chart can illustrate the risk for a cardiovascular death in the next 10 years and can be used to motivate patients to adopt a healthier lifestyle (e.g. by quitting smoking). In addition, the model can support physicians in decision-making about further diagnostics or preventive drug therapy.

Since there is still no adequate model for estimating the risk of vascular dementia, the aim of my work is to design such a model. I will use data from a large, population-based, longitudinal study (ESTHER study) to investigate the relationship between biomarkers from blood and urine samples and a future vascular dementia diagnosis. These are oxidative stress, inflammatory and lipid metabolism biomarkers, which are all involved in arteriosclerotic vascular changes.





since 02/2019  PhD student, Network Aging Research (NAR), Heidelberg University and Member of the Junior Research Group of Ben Schöttker
10/2016-01/2019 Master of Bioinformatics, Goethe University Frankfurt
10/2013-09/2016 Bachelor of Bioinformatics, Goethe University Frankfurt
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