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Coiltan KlHannah Cioltan
The role of genetic risk scores in the detection and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease

Fellows: Prof. Dr. Hermann Brenner





Merve KlMerve Degirmenci
The Role of Bilingualism on the Executive Functions of Healthy Older Adults

Fellows: Dr. Bitgit Teichmann





german_klAndrea Germann
Scientific Concepts of Dementia in Contemporary Fiction


Fellows: Prof. Dr. Gertrud M. Rösch




Gordt Neu KlKatharina Gordt
Technology-based Balance Assessment and Training

Fellows: Dr. Michael Schwenk





Judith KlJudith Großmann
Effects of second language training on cognition in healthy older adults

Fellows: Prof. Dr. Patric Meyer, Dr. Birgit Teichmann





Keller Kl NeuChristine Keller
Forms of interaction and communication with people with dementia – a video based ethnographical reconstruction of Integrative Validation by Nicole Richard

Fellows: Prof. Dr. Ronald Hitzler, Prof. Dr. Andreas Kruse





Kokje KlEesha Kokje
Language and Cognition in Early Dementia

Fellows: Prof. Christiane von Stutterheim






1 PlatzhalterHaifa Maalmi, PhD
Die Rolle des Vitamins D in der Prognose von Darmkrebs

Fellows: Prof. Dr. Hermann Brenner






Weber Neu KlMichaela Weber
Integrating sport and movement into daily life: development and evaluation of a new intervention concept for older people

Fellows: Dr. Michael Schwenk





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Correspondend members


Ahlsdorf Elke Sw

Elke Ahlsdorf
Music related autobiographical memories and their individual meaning






Baer Marion Sw

Marion Bär
Accesses to human existence under the condition of Alzheimer’s disease

Kompetenzzentrum Alter






Katrin BochKatrin Boch
„Ich bin bereit jeden Tag zu gehen – nur heute und morgen nicht!“ - Hundertjährige zwischen Lebensende und Lebenswille

Fellows: Prof. Dr. Andreas Kruse, N.N.





Aditi BunkerAditi Bunker
The impact of climate on the health of the ageing population in Nouna, Burkina Faso

Fellows: Prof. Dr. Rainer Sauerborn, Prof. Dr. Joacim Rocklöv





Carmen Grimm Carmen Grimm
Older person's value – Multiple knowledge models and representational practices in international development Germany / Peru

Fellows: Prof. Dr. Guido Sprenger; Prof. Dr. Cornelia Schweppe





Susanne DickSusanne Dick
Professional musicians in the third and fourth stage of life. An empirical study






Annette Franke Annette Franke
Self employment, age and financial security – an international comparison

Evangelische Hochschule Ludwigsburg





Birgit KramerDr. Birgit Kramer
Acceptance of new technologies by caregivers of persons with dementia






Andreas LauenrothAndreas Lauenroth
Instant Aging meets gait analysis






Aysel Muezzinler Aysel Muezzinler
Association of leukocyte telomere length with age related diseases and functional impairments






José Manuel Ordóñez MenaJosé Manuel Ordóñez Mena
Vitamin D and the risk of cancer in the Consortium on Health and Aging: Network of Cohorts in Europe and the United States (CHANCES)






Pashos Alex Sw

Alexander Pashos
The significance of grandparenthood from an evolutionary and social perspective

 Liste "Menschliches Verhalten in evolutionärer Perspektive (MVE)"






Soethe Sw
Astrid Söthe-Röck
Therapy with Music for Alzheimer patients

Evangelisches Altenzentrum Bruchsal





Alina VandenberghAlina Vandenbergh
The role of general practitioners in preventing heat-related health-risks for the elderly in the community in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Fellows: Prof. Dr. Rainer Sauerborn



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