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Identification of early signs of dementia among family, friends and communities plays a very important role in early diagnosis. Supporting early detection encompasses public education programs and good access to information (Alzheimer's Disease International 2011).








The GECONEU project aims to develop an online Course for University students focusing on Genetic Counseling. The main goals and central impact of this project is to support people and society to better understand the aims of genetic testing and the usefulness of genetic counseling by involving students in an innovative learning and teaching setting. This project will provide the opportunity to take all the factors of an appropriate training course to society into account by involving the families of people with Neurodegenerative disorders in the development of the learning and teaching outcomes consequently improving their visibility and enhancing their level of knowledge.  Minipfeil Rot the flyer







Sechs (Post-)Graduierte beschäftigen sich mit einem selbstgewählten Projekt zum Thema Alter(n). Die Nachwuchswissenschaftler kommen aus verschiedenen Disziplinen, die von Psychologie, Epidemiologie, Gerontologie, Musikwissenschaft bis zur Sportwissenschaft reichen. Gefördert wird das NAR-Kolleg von der Klaus Tschira Stiftung.



Project: AI-based voice assistance for older adults with and without intellectual disability: ecologically valid methods applying automated emotion and speech analysis. The project „ AI-based voice assistance for older adults with and without intellectual disabilitiy: ecologically valid methods applying automated speech recognition and emotion analysis” explores how older adults use an AI-based voice assistant, how the use is experienced emotionally, and which potentials and challenges this creates for the perceived quality of life and social participation. We concentrate on two user groups that previously have not found much attention in the area, although an AI-based voice assistance may be particularly useful: older adults with and without intellectual disability.


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