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Young scientists in the field of “Aging Research” are in great demand. The international market is almost empty. In Germany, this situation will not change in the short run. Furthermore, one can observe a broad implementation of gerontological issues in science, meaning aging research is not concentrated in one faculty but requires presence in many disciplines- the demand on well educated young scientists rises.

The NAR wants to take this rising demand into account and supported a few programs for young scientists:

Postgraduate Program "People with Dementia in Acute-care Hospitals"

13 PhD students of various disciplines deal with the topic Dementia. This postgraduate program is supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

 Minipfeil RotBroschüre Graduiertenkolleg 2016


SMART-AGE ist ein interdisziplinäres Forschungsprojekt an der Universität Heidelberg. Primäres Ziel ist es zu untersuchen, ob und inwiefern intelligente Assistenzsysteme (IAS) die Lebensqualität älterer Menschen verbessern. Dafür werden 900 Personen, die älter als 67 Jahre sind, mit einer Reihe verschiedener IAS ausgestattet. Diese reichen von Tablet-basierten Apps und sprachgesteuerten Systemen bis hin zu Exergames und "Soft robotic suits". Nach der Erhebung des komplexen Datensatzes wird dieser auf Basis modernster statistischer Methoden analysiert werden. Um die Forschungsfragen zu beantworten kombiniert dieses Projekt die Expertisen verschiedener Bereiche wie Softwaretechnik, Medizin, Gerontologie, Biomechanik, Robotik, Ethik und Soziologie.


7 (post) graduates are involved in projects on aging chosen by themselves. These young scientists come from different disciplines that range from psychology, epidemiology, gerontology, music science to sports science. This project is supported by the Klaus Tschira Stiftung.

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Junior Research Group Schwenk

The junior research group “Effects of physical activity and exercise on motor and cognitive performance in older adults” from Dr. Michael Schwenk aims to develop novel exercise and physical activity interventions for improving motor and cognitive performances in older adults

Junior Research Group Schöttker

The junior research group "Drug safety in older adults / Oxidative stress and ageing" from Dr. Ben Schöttker addresses two topics and will conduct research about the relevance of medication problems at older age and whether indirect biomarkers of oxidative stress are associated with mortality and age-related diseases.


Single projects of young research scientists that are located at the NAR.

Completed Research Projects

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