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About us

At the Network Aging Research, humanists, natural- and medical scientists research interdisciplinary the aspects of aging, since aging affects humans in its entirety.

About a hundred years ago, the Heidelberg physician and clinic director Ludolf Krehl (1861- 1937)- founder of the somatic medicine- already demanded to treat sick people in its entirety, a personality with body, mind and soul. His view of sicknesses is a reminder and a challenge to us: “There is no such thing as sickness, we only know sick people”  

The NAR with its integrated, systematic approach and its interdisciplinarity is unique in Germany. Interdisciplinarity in the necessary breadths and depths of aging research, requires new ways of knowledge transfers, that ensure a connection between the fields but also between theory and practice.


Presently the work of the NAR are focused on four emphases:

  • Research in all fields that are represented in the network
  • Promotion of young researchers
  • Dialogue beyond the borders of disciplines
  • Public relations


The seven floors in the Logo
of the NAR "building" represent
the seven cooperation partners,
which make up the virtual institute
and the network.

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