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NAR-Symposium: Meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board

January 30, 2009, Senate Room, University of Heidelberg


Biggs Simon


Prof. Simon Biggs, PhD
School of Social & Political Science.University of Melbourne, AUS

Toward generational intelligence: a new look at the role of intergenerational communication (Videolecture 52 min.)




 Andreas Kruse

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kruse
Institute of Gerontology, University of Heidelberg

The aging individual in border situations - Person, environment and culture (Videolecture 39 min.)




Michael D. Hurd


Prof. Dr. Michael D. Hurd
RAND center for the Study of Aging, Santa Monica, USA

The economic cost of dementia (Videolecture 43 min.)






Prof. Dr. Axel Börsch-Supan
Mannheim Research Institute for the Economics of Aging

Economic consequences of population aging (Videolecture 46 min.)





 Albert Hofmann

Prof. Albert Hofman
Erasmus medical Center, Department of Epidemiology, Rotterdam, NL

There is no such thing as aging (Videolecture 48 min.)


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