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Interdisciplinarity in aging research requires new ways of transferring knowledge, a connection between the disciplines, but also between theory and practical use.

The NAR Kolleg Heidelberg has been founded to gap the bridge between the disciplinary depth and the interdisciplinary breadth.
The NAR Kolleg is designed to accommodate up to eight scholars as well as up to eight fellows. Scholars are outstanding scientists from the three NAR research areas or areas close by, who will aim for a certificate in the areas of knowledge transfer. Fellows are established professors of the NAR, guest professors, professors on sabbatical or retired scientists in the same fields.

The Scholars are selected from different scientific areas to secure a critical communication (understanding), which is only possible with the simultaneous presence of different approaches by different disciplines.

The NAR Kolleg is committed to promote a new generation of scientists and considers the fellows as important partners in this endeavour. Eventually we intend to connect to the Marsilius-Kolleg, the Heidelberg Academy of Science and the German Academy of natural scientists Leopoldina.

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