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Susanne DickDr. Susanne Dick - Musikwissenschaftlerin, M.A.

Network Aging Research
Bergheimer Straße 20
D-69115 Heidelberg

Fellows: Prof. Dr. Heiner Gembris; Prof. Dr. Andreas Kruse



Professional musicians in the third and fourth stage of life. An empirical study

Referring to psychological concepts about activity and productivity in older age the basic question of this emperical research is which musical and other activities professional musicians pursue after retirement. Therefore, the effect of health conditions, the development of the musical performance and the motivation for working after retirement are examined.

The following questions guide the project:

  • Which (musical) activities are pursued by professional musicians after retirement?
  • Which reasons are crucial for the ongoing or the missing of musical activity after retirement?
  • How do professional musicians experience retirement?

These questions are examined by guided interviews which are conducted with professional musicians of German orchestras of different categories, divisions, instrumental groups and playing positions.



2004 - 2010 Studies of Musicology and Education, German Literature Studies, University of Paderborn, Germany, Magistra Artium
2005 - 2009 German and Music studies for Teaching Certificate, University of Paderborn, Germany, 1st Staatsexamen für Lehrämter
2007 - 2010 Teacher c flute, Städtische Musikschule Paderborn
2008 - 2009 Music- and Germanteacher, Städtische Realschule Detmold
2010 - 2012 Graduate Assistant at the Institute for Research on Musical Ability (IBFM), Paderborn, Germany
since 2010 Graduate Assistant and PhD candidate at the Institute for Research on Musical Ability (IBFM), Paderborn, Germany
2/2012 - 2015 Member of the NAR Kolleg, University of Heidelberg











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