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Fellows: Dr. Michael Schwenk


Integrating sport and movement into daily life: development and evaluation of a new intervention concept for older people

With increasing age, the physical performance, i.e. muscle strength, balance and flexibility decreases. As a consequence, the risk for impairments in regards to activities of daily living, e.g. walking longer distances, transportation within the community, and adverse health events such as falls, increases. Exercise training can improve physical performance in older adults, prevent mobility limitations and slow-down age-related functional decline. However, it is really important to stay in motion and to exercise regularly in order to remain active or achieve long-term improvement in posture and movement respectively. 

The aim of my thesis is to develop and evaluate of a new intervention concept for older people slowing down age-related and disease-associated decline in physical and cognitive performance.  I will focus on a new lifestyle integrated functional exercise (LiFE) approach, developed by the University of Sydney. This is a different approach as compared to performing a structured exercise program given the purpose of incorporating functional exercises or physical activities within everyday activities, without needing to spend formal exercise time, e.g. exercising while brushing teeth, doing the laundry or watching TV.

So far, the LiFE concept was rarely used in Germany and originally developed for older people aged 75 years and older. The objective now is to further develop the program within a European research project (PreventIT) in order to address young-old adults (60-70 years). Transferring the LiFE concept to an ICT-platform also targets to increase effectiveness and make exercising more enjoyable.


Awards and Scholarships

  • 2016 Scholarship of the Klaus-Tschira Foundation for a doctorate at the Network of Aging Research (NAR), Heidelberg University





since 02/2016 Member of the NAR-College, Heidelberg University
2015 - 2016 Research associate, Institute of Sociology and Gender Studies, German Sport University Cologne
2014 - 2015    Research assistant, Institute of Sociology and Gender Studies, German Sport University Cologne
2013 - 2015 Master (M.A.) in Sport and Movement Gerontology, German Sport University Cologne
2011 - 2012

Student assistant, Mannheim Institute of Public Health, Social and Preventive Medicine, Heidelberg University

2010 - 2013 Bachelor (B.A.) in Sociology with a minor in business administration, Mannheim University
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