Completed Projects of the Junior Research Group Schwenk

Project "dia-LiFE"


Robert-Bosch Foundation, Research Training Group Dementia


Lifestyle-integrated Functional Exercise program for patients suffering from dementia in acute care.

Project description:
Increasing numbers of cognitively impaired older people are admitted for inpatient hospital treatment. Therefore, new approaches are needed to prevent a loss of mobility during hospital stays and to improve the outcomes of this vulnerable patient group. The lifestyle integrated functional exercise (LiFE) concept uses activities of daily living (ADL) situations as opportunities to improve balance and strength. A pilot study was performed to test the feasibility and acceptability of the LiFE exercises in a geriatric rehabilitation setting.

Project partners:
Nacera Belala, NAR, Heidelberg University
Prof. Dr. Clemens Becker, Robert Bosch Hospital  Stuttgart
Dr. Michael Schwenk, NAR, Heidelberg University

Cooperation partners:
Prof. Dr. Lindy Clemson, University Sydney, Australia

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