Completed Projects of the Junior Research Group Schwenk

Project "Sensor-based balance assessment"

Clinical validation of sensor-based tests to measure different subsystems of balance control


Project description:
In the clinical setting, measuring balance is often limited to subjective observation or semi-
objective (stopwatch) procedures. An objective analysis of balance and functioning of various
subsystems of postural control, such as the somatosensory, vestibular or visual system, is
usually not conducted. Wearable sensors allow a precise determination of body sway during
balance tests and assess the possible causes of balance disorders (somatosensory, vestibular,
visual). Furthermore, a new sensor system for balance measurements will be tested and
clinically validated within this project.

Project partners:
Dr. Michael Schwenk, NAR, Universität Heidelberg
Katharina Gordt, NAR, Universität Heidelberg
Thomas Gerhardy, NAR, Universität Heidelberg

Cooperation partners:
Hocoma, Schweiz

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