Completed Projects of the Junior Research Group Schwenk

Project "a-LiFE"


European Union, Horizon 2020 (Projekt: PreventIT,


The adapted Lifestyle-integrated Functional Exercise program for preventing functional decline in young seniors: development and initial evaluation.

Project description:
The Lifestyle-integrated Functional Exercise (LiFE) program is an intervention that intergrates balance and strength activities into daily life and is effective at reducing falls in at- risk people ?70 years. There is potential for LiFE to be adapted to young seniors in order to
prevent age-related functional decline. We aimed to (1) develop an intervention by adapting Lifestyle-integrated Functional Exercise (aLiFE) to be more challenging and suitable for preventing functional decline in young seniors in their 60s and (2) perform an initial feasibility evaluation of the program. Pre- and post-changes in balance, mobility, and physical activity (PA) were also explored.

Project partners:
Dr. Michael Schwenk, NAR, Heidelberg University and Robert Bosch Hospital Stuttgart
Michaela Weber, NAR, Heidelberg University
Prof. Dr. Clemens Becker, Robert Bosch Hospital Stuttgart
Dr. Lis Boulton and Prof. Dr. Chris Todd, University Manchester, UK
Prof Dr. Jorunn Helbostad and Prof. Dr. Beatrix Vereijken, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway
Prof. Dr. Mirjam Pijnappels and Prof. Dr. Andrea Maier, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cooperation partners:
Prof. Dr. Lindy Clemson, University Sydney, Australia

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