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To bring scientific topics in an understandable way to the general public is one of the main objectives of the NAR. This mainly takes place through our public events as well as this webpage.


Especially for the interested public, we created a series of seminars. The NAR-Seminar, that takes place about 4 times a year. Since the dates cannot be available for everyone, we offer you the recordings of the NAR-Seminars as well as the congresses as video-files.


Adapted to the NAR-Seminars or on current occasions, we regularly interview scientists of the NAR as well as internationally renowned scientists who come to Heidelberg for a talk.


So you are regularly informed of our events, you can subscribe to our newsletter. The newsletter is usually published 2 weeks before the event.

Press Reports

Current press releases about the NAR in regional daily papers can be found here.


We try to inform you regularly of job openings that are offered either through the NAR or one of its partner institutes.


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