Belala KlNacera Belala (Sport Science)
Dementia-specific early rehabilitation in the acute-care hospital - Development of an early rehabilitation and transitional intervention program for preventing the loss of functionality in dementia patients

Fellows: Prof. Dr. Clemens Becker, Dr. Michael Schwenk





Celic KlSimge Celik (Neuropsychology)
Cross-cultural assessment of cognitive test performance in elderly Turkish immigrants, German and Turkish nationals: Comparison of the MMSE, RUDAS and CDD

Fellows: Prof. Dr. Frölich





Eckstein Kl
Claudia Eckstein (Nursing Science)
Dementia-specific early rehabilitation in the Acute-care Hospital – delirium-prevention/delirium-management

Fellows: PD Dr. Heinrich Burkhardt





gkioka_klMara Gkioka (Psychology)
Educational aspects in medicine and in nursing care -Training for the Promotion of Sensitisation and Enhanced Competency

Fellows: Prof. Dr. Magda Tsolaki





Heldmann2 KlPatrick Heldmann (Physiotherapy)
Dementia-specific early rehabilitation in the Acute-care Hospitals: Development of therapy options with a focus on functional interventions

Fellows: Prof. Dr. Jürgen M. Bauer, Apl. Prof. Dr. Klaus Hauer





Kirch KlJulia Kirch (Architecture)
Designing for Hospitals with Patients Suffering from Dementia

Fellows: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gesine Marquardt, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uta Pottgiesser





Moellers KlTobias Möllers (Epidemiology)
Hospitalisations of people with dementia: epidemiologic analyses based on health insurance data

Fellows: Prof. Dr. Hermann Brenner





Schnabel2 KlEva-Luisa Schnabel (Psychology)
Ageing- and Health-Related Views in General Hospital Settings: An Integrative Perspective on Older Patients with Impaired Cognition and Their Health Professionals

Fellows: Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Wahl, Prof Dr. Jürgen Bauer





Schneider KlJulia Schneider (Teaching student for Physical Education and Health and Gerontology/ Care)
Sensitization for people with dementia and their relatives - State of knowledge and
development of prospects for clinics

Fellows: Prof. Dr. Andreas Kruse, Dr. Birgit Teichmann, Dr. Brigitte Metz





Anton2 KlAnton Schönstein (Psychology)
Optimised Healthcare of the Elderly in the Emergency Department/ the Acute Inpatient Treatment - An Implementation-Study to Evaluate the “Geriatrics-Check”

Fellows: PD Dr. Anke Bahrmann, Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Wahl





Voss2 KlHenrike Voß (Gerontology)
An investigation about Advance Care Planning in Germany and the shifting of values and attitudes of people with dementia throughout the course of the disease –
a longitudinal cohort study

Fellows: Prof. Dr. Andreas Kruse




zygouris_klStelios Zygouris (Psychology)
Remote computerized detection of pre-clinical cognitive disorders - Bridging the gap between cognitive training and cognitive assessment

Fellows: Prof. Dr. Magda Tsolaki

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